Curriculum Vitae

1998 – 2010 Tallinn Old Town Educational College
2010 – 2012 Tallinn Industrial Education Centre (Tailor)

2013 – 2017 Estonian Academy Of Arts (Fashion design)

2015-2016 Konstfack, Textile department, Stockholm (Erasmus)

2016 01.04-30.07 Internship at Ann-Sofie Back (BACK, Stockholm)


2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 Personal collection at Tallinn Fashion Week
2008 and 2009 Winner of SuperNoova (Estonia), also Grand Prix SuperNoova award, internship at Gianfranco Ferré fashion house in Milan

2009 and 2011 Bridge of Fashion (Usedom, Germany)

2011 Personal collection at Riga Fashion Week
2011 Nominee of Silver Needle Award (Estonia)

2010 Winner of Fashion Injection (Lithuania)
2011 Collection at Fashion Infection (Lithuania ( http:// http://www.madosinfekcija.lt)
2014 The dress with flies was shown in the laureate of the best exhibition of International Fashion Showcase 2014 of London Fashion Week
2015 Course exhibition “Etnew”
2015 Winner of ERKI Fashion show (Fashion show of Estonian Academy of Arts( http://erki.artun.ee/2015/) 2015 Show at Örjan Anderssons shop Fran Ö Till A, Stockholm
2015 Course exhibition in Konstfack
2015 Nominee of The Golden Needle Award
2017  Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Week

2017 New York Fashion Week (Oxford Fashion Studio)

2015 published in Odalisque Magazine (odalisquemagazine.com Sweden)
2016 Published in Kaltblut Magazine http://www.kaltblut- magazine.com/the-after-school-magic-hour/
2016 Published in Boy Magazine (www.boymagazine.se Stockholm) Stylist Helena Ekström
2016 Sweater in Subtopia Magazine, Stockholm (http:// http://www.subtopia.se/magazine-subtopia-out-now/)

2017 Kaltblut http://www.kaltblut-magazine.com/love-drunk/

2017 ONE Magazine http://onemag.us/one-online/2017/maiken-staak



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  1. […] finished day 2 into the Fashion Week with another European designer: Kristel Kuslapuu. The Estonian knitwear label was one of the ‘Ones to Watch’ designers chosen by Fashion Scout. […]

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