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kristel kuslapuu, Headpicekristel Kuslapuu, scargkristel Kuslapuu, headpieceKristel Kuslapuu, scarfKristel Kuslapuu, headpiece

Anna Maria (Al Model Management)
Photo: Sandra Palm Photography
MU: Nele Pandis
Style: KÄT

Headpices/scarves : Kristel Kuslapuu

Lingerie: Kriss Soonik

Clothing: Monton, Ivo Nikkolo


Multifunctional headpiece

Kristel Kuslapuu, headpiece/neckdoughnut

Did not realize my headpieces for my last show could be multifunctional. After I got this shot from talented Kätlin Kikkas I was convinced otherwise.

Later on the same headpiece was also sold to a guy who also wears it as a scarf.

style by Kätlin Kikkas

Anastasia Al Model Management
Photo: Sandra Palm Photography
MU and Hair: Nele Pandis
Neckpiece by Kristel Kuslapuu
Body: KÄT



I’ve got the coolest clients haven’t I!

My true inspiration.

Thank you Maris! 

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Photography by Virge Viertek

Style by Marion Piirmets

Headbands by Kristel Kuslapuu


The laureate of the best exhibition of International Fashion Showcase 2014 of London Fashion Week – the exhibition called „Fashion Now: Estonia“ – blew minds by expressive design that reflected the sense of „kaamos“ – not easily translatable Estonian word describing a particularly dark period during autumn and winter, a pitch-black time for observation, self-reflection and melancholy.

The jury pointed out that design of the exhibition has linked skillfully and elegantly the Estonian past and present, reflecting genuinely the culture of Estonians, but still keeping fashion designers and their creation on the focus.

Project initiators: Estonian Design Centre, Estonian Embassy London
Project manager: Sirli Nõmm
Curator of the exhibition: Tanel Veenre
Design of the exhibition: Hannes Praks Studio
Graphic design: Kerli Virk, Stella Skulatšjova

Dress with flies “MUHI”: Kristel Kusapuu


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Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 10.48.04 PM

Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 10.49.39 PM

Photography by Stina Kase

for magazine Anne & Stiil

Style by Liis Plato

MakeUp & Hair by Liisi Roht

Model Liis

Dog Liberty

Socks and scarf by Kristel Kuslapuu

Other designers: Vilve Unt, Pille Jüriso, Liina-Mai Püüa, Kristel Kuslapuu, Miina Leesment, Britt Samoson also from Monton and S´NOB.


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Welcome home!



Kristel Kuslapuu sweater at Rundum Rehearsal Space: Curatorial exhibition “Welcome home!” by Marion Rogers.

Photos by Tõnu Tunnel

ImageIn UK Vogue December Issue


Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 11.33.06 AM

Screen shot 2014-02-18 at 11.33.47 AM

Kristel Kuslapuu

Marko Reikop and Grete Lõbu the hosts of TV show “Ringvaade”

wearing Kristel Kuslapuu scarves

and introducing Estonian fashion exhibition in London

Kristel Kuslapuu

Head band & top by Kristel Kuslapuu

Magazine Mood “Mida Juku ei õpi, seda Juhan ei tea!”

Photography by Zev Starr-Tamor

Photographers assistants: Indrek Arula  and Andri Peetso

Stylist: Ethel Tamm

Stylists assistant: Karl Keskla

MUAH: Marre Naissoo

Model: Niina Rätsep